CTP-103 Tractor Seat With Armrest Sliding base (Fore and Aft Adjustment 150 mm)
Stock Number
MF, FORD, FIAT Various Model
Product Details

With Suspension stroke 80 mm (Couple Springs & Hydraulic Shock Absorber) Weight adjustment (60 kgs - 120 kgs)

Product Groups
CTP-V7 Seat Air Spring CTP350060
CTP-V7 Seat Air Spring
  • Stock Number CTP350060
CTP-V4 Seat Sliding Base CTP350059
CTP-V4 Seat Sliding Base
  • Stock Number CTP350059
CTP-V3 Seat Shock Absorber CTP350058
CTP-V3 Seat Shock Absorber
  • Stock Number CTP350058
CTP-V2 Seat Spring CTP350057
CTP-V2 Seat Spring
  • Stock Number CTP350057
CTP-V1 Seat Sliding Base CTP350056
CTP-V1 Seat Sliding Base
  • Stock Number CTP350056
CTP-A6 Seat Body CTP350055
CTP-A6 Seat Body
  • Stock Number CTP350055